Embrace Innovation to Drive Value 不斷創新顛覆傳統

At Euginda,  we always believe in technology and innovation, and have a young but talented and proven team solving some of the toughest challenges of e-Business in modern time, right here in Hong Kong and beyond. We have a mission to contribute to the advancement in both technology deployment and operational excellence of e-Business , and our vision is to strive to become an influential force helping companies in the region in e-Business development. Our Total e-Business Solution approach covering every stage of e-Business development provides more flexible choices to companies, large or small.  If you have similar passion and drive as us, please do talk to us. Partnership can make us a better and stronger team to reach our goals at faster pace.

Our Strength 我們的優勢

Our strength lies in both knowledge and experience in e-Business development.  People at Euginda consist of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and experienced operational staff from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mainland China. Throughout the years, we have been working at the forefront of the new economies in supply chain management, e-Business, digital innovation and retail. Particularly, we constructed and currently are running by ourselves one of the most popular e-Business store in Hong Kong selling leather handbags and accessories, namely Lotusting eShop.

Our eShop showcases our strength in all the critical aspects in e-Business development, from store design, merchandise assortment, supply chain, and to marketing/promotion. Furthermore, our senior staff give lectures on e-Business development regularly in tertiary universities to keep in touch with the academic advancement.

Inspired by the shared vision of delivering world class services and superior customer value, we are united, together, by our pioneering spirit. To simply put,  We are United by Our Common Goals!

About 關於我們

We are a e-Business consulting company based in Hong Kong, with office in Singapore. We provide consulting, solution, and training services in e-Business development in the region. We are also the holding company of Lotusting eShop, which is one of the leading O2O one-stop market place for buying, cleaning, and repairing of leather goods such as handbag and accessories in Hong Kong and the nearby region.

Lotusting eShop Showcase by Euginda
Lotusting eShop Built and Operated by Euginda Company Limited

Founded in 2009, we have been providing consulting services in the region in supply chain management, and in recent years in e-Business consulting and development. Specifically,  we partnered with Demand Solutions, one of the state-of-the-art vendors in supply chain planning solution, and assisted a wide range of clients in the region.

Since 2013, we stepped into the e-Business bandwagon, and with our highly knowledgeable and skilled team in technology and retail, we established  one of the leading online store in leather products in the region, namely Lotusting eShop leading in both product range, innovative design and comfortable and enjoyable shopping environment.

We thereafter started to  provide leather cleaning, repairing, and monogramming services, and established a unique one-stop  leather product and care center in the region, which is a great showcase of O2O omni-channel e-Business. We also spend lots of effort in customer care and services with multi-channel and almost 24/7 customer services.

With our vast knowledge and hands-on experience in supply chain and e-Business, we have been providing consulting services in e-Business development in the region, helping companies to plan, setup, operate, and optimize e-Business development.

With our commitment in 100% customer satisfaction, you will be rest-assured for great quality and service.

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Contacts 聯絡方法

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