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我們有獨特的營商理念和與眾不同的文化,要與我們一起工作,你需認清我們文化的特色,並能發揮所長。 在嘉璘企業,我們提倡團隊精神和相互協作。個人主義在這裏反而沒有多大的發展空間,尤其是對自我主義者。在這個問題上,我們特別欣賞那些願意與他人合作和分享創新意念的人。



Career at Euginda
We offer a promising and prospective future.

With broad business knowledge and deep technical know-how, we collaborate with our clients and our partners to cultivate ideas and deliver results. Choose a career at Euginda and enjoy an innovative environment where challenging and interesting work is part of daily life.

We do have our unique business philosophy and distinguishable culture.  To work with us, you need to recognize our culture differences and can get along with it. Here at Euginda, we promote teamwork and collaborations. Individualism does not have much room here, particularly for the big egos. For that matter, we especially reward people who are willing to work with others and share innovative ideas.

The work environment here is open, informal, and flexible. Each individual has room for self exploration for innovative ideas. However, we do emphasis a lot on transparency so that everybody knows what others are doing, especially for the management people. Ultimately, we need to go along as a team toward the same company goals.

The variety, teamwork, and growth potentials are reasons to attract people here as they build their careers. A career here translates into continual opportunities to expand on what you can do as we help clients become high performance businesses. Are you ready to take up the challenges?  If yes, then please write to us.