Our Strength 我們的優勢

Our strength lies in both knowledge and experience in e-Business development.  People at Euginda consist of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and experienced operational staff from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Mainland China. Throughout the years, we have been working at the forefront of the new economies in supply chain management, e-Business, digital innovation and retail. Particularly, we constructed and currently are running by ourselves one of the most popular e-Business store in Hong Kong selling leather handbags and accessories, namely Lotusting eShop.

Our eShop showcases our strength in all the critical aspects in e-Business development, from store design, merchandise assortment, supply chain, and to marketing/promotion. Furthermore, our senior staff give lectures on e-Business development regularly in tertiary universities to keep in touch with the academic advancement.

Inspired by the shared vision of delivering world class services and superior customer value, we are united, together, by our pioneering spirit. To simply put,  We are United by Our Common Goals!